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Pilates, not painkillers - the best cure for back pain

Pilates Provides Exercises to Help Lower Back Pain, increase core strength and General Back Health including Good Posture

One of the key advantages of Pilates is that it offers relief from lower back pain.  This pilates method can be practiced on a mat or a pilates reformer.   Lower back pain is an extremely common health problem that is difficult to solve. Pilates offers a solution via lower back pain exercises.

Back problems are only made worse by our tendency towards sedentary and desk-based lifestyles. Unsurprisingly, back problems are the single most common reason that our patients begin physical therapy. Pilates strengthens core muscles and  improves awareness of the way that we move with an emphasis on stressing the spine. The combination of core strength, flexibility and balance, which Pilates promotes, leads to good posture.      


You will also walk taller, feel slimmer and look longer, leaner and younger. Place your bones correctly and you’ll get the right 

muscles working, supporting your joints rather than stressing them. Stand properly and you will also maintain the natural balance and co

rrect length of your muscles.

Pilates teaches our clients and patients to use the deep postural muscles to stabilize the spine and achieve what 

physiotherapists and trainers now call ‘core stability’. This strong core center forms the basis of the Pilates technique, providing the support that your body needs to function properly and freely.

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