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Fear of Falling

Balance training seems to prevent falls, injuries in seniors
Fallen senior

Most people take balance for granted. They navigate without thinking, effort, or fear. then, suddenly one day... poor balance is a problem. Some struggle with long-term dizziness or imbalance. Others suffer balance-related falls and injuries. 

The best way to look at improving your balance is like learning a new sport.  Simply practice what you're not good at... so practice being off balance to improve your bodies response to being off balance.

When an older adult falls, there are often consequences. Broken bones limit mobility. They can also lead to a downward health spiral. 

We’ve known for some time that structured exercise with balance training helps reduce falls, and assumed that such programs would also help prevent fall-related injuries. Most people don't know that they can visit their PCP provider and get a referral/script for physical therapy to improve their balance.

Beyond better balance, the other benefits of multi-component exercise programs include:

  • Faster reaction time. This can help you keep yourself upright if you start to fall by putting out an arm quickly to grab something stable.
  • Improved coordination. This can directly help prevent falls but can also help you roll rather than crash as you go down.
  • More muscle. Stronger and larger muscles can buffer the impact of a fall, providing some protection to bones and joints.
  • Stronger bones. Resistance exercises strengthen bones, and stronger bones are more resistant to fractures.
    • Better brain function. Regular exercise helps maintain brain function with age. Clearer thinking may help you avoid    No situations that increase fall risk.  No matter how you got there, get here!  Montgomery Physical Therapy and Fitness would like to help you improve your quality of life