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Benefits of Balance Training

The benefits of balance training

Experts in physical fitness and physical therapy say that in addition to the usual range of motion, flexibility, and strengthening exercises, rehabilitation should include exercises aimed at training (or retraining) the body's sense of its position in space — in particular, its sensation of limb and joint movement. Training exercises which focus on better balance is what allows us, for example, to walk in the dark without losing our balance or to distinguish the brake from the accelerator without looking at our feet. Aging and injury to muscles and ligaments can take a toll on proprioception. (awareness of the bodies position and movement)

Balance training helps reduce the risk of falls in older adults with balance problems and women with low bone mass. It also improves postural stability after a stroke. Many organizations, including the National Institute on Aging, recognize the importance of balance for preventing falls — especially among older people — and recommend certain techniques for improving it, often as part of strength training. Besides being one of the normal challenges of aging, balance problems are also a concern for people with such conditions as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and osteoporosis.


Here you will see pictures of one of our classes working on many different methods of balance training. 

Things such as:

            Standing on one leg

            Walking on a balance beam

            Stabilizing the core while putting your body into a push up position on a stability ball

            Standing on a cushion or pillow

            And many more options……


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