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Posted on 2021-11-10

New Classes

          Pure Barre Fitness - now being offered Thursdays @ 10:30 AM            A hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre (our remodeled studio has a barre now!) and uses classic dance moves such as plies,   alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high...
Posted on 2021-08-11

PT without a referral!

New law enables Texas patients to see physical therapists without physician referral   Texans can visit a physical therapy practice for treatment without a physician’s referral. Texas’ new Direct Access Bill, HB 29, allows patients to bypass long wait times and costly and unnecessary visits to a physician and go directly to a physical therapist (PT) to get the care they need. It will benefit the patient by allowing quicker access to physical therapis...
Posted on 2021-01-27

Back Pain - How much rest is too much?

Believe it or not, lying in bed for too long after a back injury can make the problem much worse. Staying in bed won’t help you get better faster. If you’re in terrible pain, lying down for a day to help ease the distress may seem like a good idea, but moderating your activities and staying active in a limited way is a more effective way to control your symptoms. Research suggests that if you can find comfortable positions and keep moving, you may not need bed rest at all. Researc...
Posted on 2020-09-02

New Massage Membership discounts!

Massage Therapy Memberships Save Money Complimentary hot stones Specializing in PAIN RELIEF 20+ years of experienced and licensed massage therapists When you sign up for our massage membership you receive: Enjoy the benefits of therapeutic medical massage at a discounted price.  Sign up for monthly massages and receive your 60 minutes massage for only $70   (regular price $85) We are now offering weekly massage incentives!  $250 for a one h...
Posted on 2020-08-13
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We know you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and how it may impact you regarding your physical therapy. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you are cared for in a safe and healthy environment.