Patient Testimonials
  • Carolyn P.
    1 year ago
    I have the been fortunate enough to live very close to Montgomery physical therapy. I have used MPT for several years after having both shoulders surgeries and one knee replacement I have requested the surgeons to give me orders to have physical therapy at MPT. Not only are they professional very friendly but they work with every individual that comes in to MPT with heart. The therapist as well as their assistants are amazing. I actually would go nowhere else but MPT for any and all Physical Therapy that I would ever need. I also have had the pleasure of having massage therapy done on my knee replacement bye Q i a o Ciao Wang. Amazing benefits from the massage therapy she is absolutely amazing and very informative. I cannot thank. Dr Allen. Thoral the owner and all the physical therapist and assistants as well as the office personel for their kindness and professionalism every time I've ever been in to MPT for therapy. You all have been a Godsend to me.
  • Christine O.
    1 year ago
    My back has been in terrible shape since January from an attack I survived. I didn’t tell anyone about the attack, or my pain (or I would blame it on running and I wasn’t running) until July. I went to the hospital for many tests including scans and x-rays on my back. My primary care Dr. (Simpson, I adore him, too) referred me and today was my first visit. Brody Lawhon was my PT, and I’m pretty sure he is also a Ph.D! He did a fantastic job of finding where I hurt exactly right away when even I couldn’t pinpoint it exactly because it wasn’t always sharp but more radiating and numbing; sometimes absolutely overwhelming in the morning after laying in our soft bed for more than 6 hours (sleeping). I couldn’t move to get out of bed. I have always been so active and athletic this back problem has been almost as traumatic as the attack itself. I’m still feeling extremely encouraged by the progress and prognosis Dr. Lawhon gave me this morning. I just got a stretch/exercise plan via email while typing this! I look forward to going back and feeling better (and no surgery OR pain meds: woo-hoo)!
  • Debbi H.
    1 year ago
    Montgomery Physical Therapy – Brody & Chris, especially! – has been a life-changer! I don’t ever want my therapy time to end as it has absolutely made a huge difference in how my back feels. In addition, the warm, positive and encouraging environment makes it a pleasure and a really fun place to be!
  • Cindy H.
    1 year ago
    Fabulous, Fantastic, Awesome, Wonderful!!!
  • F L.
    1 year ago
    Sharon and Alan are both great and I always come to them when I have an injury and need PT. Sharon's asst. is the best as well!!! Nancy A. Ps I have never heard of Beyond therapy so that must be new since I have been there. Allan put my son Caleb with Brody I believe due to the fact that my son is a baseball player. At the time he didn't know that Caleb is also a UT fan! It was a perfect fit. We appreciate everything that Brody has done for Caleb! The relief in Caleb's face after his visits with Brody meant so much! We would definately recommend Brody and Montgomery PT to everyone. Thank you!
  • Jerry V.
    1 year ago
    This Physical Therapy Center is one of the best I have been treated at of all the locations I have ever been to
  • Candy H.
    1 year ago
    Everyone at this PT clinic is friendly & helpful. From Sue Williams the 1st person you talk on the phone ( Sue is always happy & helpful in all ways to everyone )I have been to many PT clinics over the past 15 years since I have had 2 major spine fusions & 1 neck fusion. The Physical therapist here Matthew Soileau. Is 100% hands on & focused on each patient. This is the only PT that I have ever experienced this treatment before. It has been my experience that I meet the PT the 1st visit & never see him anywhere in the clinic again until time for the evaluating to send to my surgeon. Matthew & Alan ( the PT & owner of these clinics) are the most friendly, attentive every visit. They are patient & concerned about each patients recovery. When I first started my PT it was a huge effort just to get there. Now, I'm walking several miles a day & a mile on the bike. I'm 69 years old with 11 grands & 7 g.grands My theory is if you believe you have the very Best Surgeon available to you then you absolutely must have the very Best PT available to help you for you to achieve the recovery your surgeon knows you canI have always had the Best surgeons I now I can say I finally have found the Best PT . I have to mention Kendall, who assists Matthew in the Conroe clinic, she is the best I've ever experienced as an assistant to. Everyone is hands on & knows exactly what your plan is.
  • Anthony C.
    1 year ago
    Many thanks to the Montgomery Physical Therapy team! They have put me back on the road to recovery. Having been there for rotator cuff rehab years ago, they were my first choice when it came to total knee replacement rehab. Great front desk, great tech and great therapist. Great place to get back to what you enjoy!
  • George G.
    1 year ago
    I look forward to and enjoy coming to Montgomery Physical Therapy to work as a team to regain full strength and mobility after having hip replacement surgery. Dawn and Austin are very good and through. The front desk team also does a good job. Thanks to all.
  • F L.
    1 year ago
    Great place! Friendly staff who know their stuff. Good variety of equipment to work with and the whole place is clean and well kept up. I enjoyed my visits because not only was my problem taken care of in a professional way; it was also done in a friendly manner. I have been coming to Montgomery Physical Therapy often on for years because of the people as well as my physical problems were solved. I won’t hesitate to recommend there services.
  • Claire W.
    1 year ago
    If I had to rate MPT & SM between 1 and 10, without a question, I’d rate them a 10! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I achieved and the service I received. When I started therapy, I couldn’t raise my arm above my shoulder. Sharon worked her magic and performed miracles with her “needling”. My progress was swift. And the therapy support staff were excellent at guiding me through exercises. I always felt they cared and weren’t just going through the motions. The entire staff is professional and always pleasant. I highly recommend MPT.
  • F L.
    1 year ago
    Totally satisfied! Feel so much better, and joined the gym to keep Fit. I could not have been more pleased with the excellent care Well, this is my third review. The first time I left the question on Beyond Therapy blank because I did not remember it, then I submitted it with the answer Strongly Disagree. Now I just clicked on the e-mail you sent advising about Beyond Therapy, so now ALL my answers are Strongly Agree, and, again, I could not be happier with my experience at Montgomery PT. Wade
  • Jean B.
    3 weeks ago
    I came to Montgomery Physical Therapy, specifically to work with Alan, because my left arm was disabled as a result of a severe case of shingles. I could not lift my arm above my waist. Today after many weeks of therapy with Alan, my arm is nearly back to normal! Thanks, Alan for "bringing my arm back to life!"
  • Gemma B.
    4 months ago
    I have several chronic injuries and have been in pain for over 15 years. Montgomery Physical Therapy has helped me more than any other service I have tried. This week I saw Qiao Qiao (Chow Chow) Wang, the Massage Therapist, for the first time. After just one long session, I walked out pain free for the first time since being injured. I can actually feel my fingers and toes, which have been numb! My back and T -Bands are also PAIN FREE! I pray it continues to last but even if this relief is temporary it's an amazing feeling! I have some energy now. Hopefully it will continue to last but I am looking forward to my next session. If you are experiencing constant pain, I seriously urge you to give them a try. For me, my experience with Chow Chow has changed my life. Thank you to all of the staff who have helped me throughout the past year.
  • Henry O.
    5 months ago
    Third time to Allan for rehab. Twice for my back and once for a rotator cuff tear. Each time, I have received the best help and was pain free after a number of visits. My rotator cuff has not bothered me in the last five years. Back problems are simply aging and they are relieved with treatment.
  • Henry W.
    6 months ago
    Went to Montgomery Physical Therapy as recommended by a back surgeon as a last ditch of effort before surgery. I had lower back pain and numbness in my right leg. After the therapy I do not have the pain and the numbness is gone.
  • Ann K.
    8 months ago
    Kudos to Montgomery Physical Therapy and the excellent Therapist, Brody. He offered slow, measured therapy for my shoulder replacement and tremendous support when the surgery had to be redone. Brody's the best!

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